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About Us:

Keane Sweep has been providing an excellent level of service to the Beverly Neighborhood and surrounding Chicago-land and South Suburban area for over thirty years.  When it comes to chimneys, gutters, and roofs our experienced team are dedicated to completing your project (large or small) with quality results, on time, and within your budget.


If you are looking to maintain your home and maximize safety, we can provide those services to you. We can thoroughly clean and inspect your chimney and fireplace and make repairs if necessary. We can install animal and weather guards to prevent future problems.  We can clean your dryer vents and gutters and make sure they are in proper working order.    Are you dreaming of a worry-free, well-maintained home. We will make your dreams a reality.

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 What will you do to clean the chimney?  Keane Sweep will inspect your chimney first to determine whether a top down or bottom up method would be most appropriate. The chimney will then be brushed to remove creosote build up.  Creosote is a very flammable substance and can ignite causing a chimney fire. This along with the soot accumulation will be brushed away and vacuumed away.


 How long will it take?  Every chimney flue is different but on average a thorough and careful cleaning should take about 45 minutes to an hour.


How often should I have my chimney cleaned?  The answer varies with usage.  However, the standard safety recommendation is once per year.


Do you provide references?  Yes, certainly! We have been in business for over thirty years and have built our business on customer referrals.


How much does it cost to have a chimney cleaned?  Unlike bait and switch companies, we do not advertise extremely low prices.  At Keane Sweep, we provide a thorough and quality cleaning and inspection.  The price is guaranteed to be fair and based on the complexity of the work involved. You will always know exactly what each job will cost before we begin the job.


What other services does Keane Sweep offer?  Beyond chimney needs, Keane Sweeps also services all your gutter cleaning, dryer vent and roof service needs.


We have over thirty years of experience planning, managing, and executing home maintenance  projects of all kinds. Our team is professional and reliable, and we will work within your constraints. If you want a quality and dependable home maintenance service, then you want Keane Sweep. 




, Chicago, Illinois | 773-445-5015

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